Welcome home

Hope you find yourself at home. Feel free to use every appliances, games, food you might find, and bring friends home (but be careful of the noise). I hope you can find anything you need. If not give me a call, whatsapp, skype, SMS etc… Here is a list of things you should not to get you started in no time.

Getting to the building

  • The building is 11 Boulevard Deruelle, 69003 Lyon.
  • The code for the door is …
  • It is at the 3rd floor. My name is on the door. Be careful of the first half-floor that does not count as a floor.

At arrival

  • By default, water and heater are stopped
  • The water switch is in the toilets (on the left after the main door), within the wall behind the "Green" paint. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to switch the water (the bar of the knob should be parallel to the pipe.
  • The heaters are electrical. Switch them to "Conf" or ☀️ (i.e. confort) for an extra boost, or "Eco" or 🌙 (i.e. economical) to keep warm. A good position is usually "Conf 6" in the leaving room, "Eco 5" in the bedroom.

Good to know

  • The Wifi is KAMAS. The pwd is …
  • The bed should be made with fresh sheets. If not, you can find some bed linnen in the main bedroom's cabinet, near the window
  • There are 1 set of towels in the bathroom. If you don't have enough, more towels should be available in the left cabinet under the sink.
  • Switch off the water and the heaters before leaving.
  • The dishwasher is not quite functionnal. It's better not to use it.
  • The bathroom's heater is not functionnal. Do not turn it on, it might melt a fuse.
  • The fuse box is in the kitchen, left cabinet, on top of the microwave.
  • The trash/recycling is downstairs, outside the building, in the big "car door" on the right when after exiting the building. The code is the same as the main door.


  • There is a TV. But the "Free" remote is not functionnal. You can use the application "Sofa" (App store) to control the TV.
  • There is an audio system with a CD player. You can use the Apple AirPlay Freebox Server to stream music to it.
  • There are board games and a poker kit, in the drawer of the buffet. (2nd drawer to the top.
  • There are also some postits and pens in the bottom drawer of the same cabinet.

When leaving

  • Please wash the bed sheets and the towels. They are a position "quick washing 30min" on the washing machine and soap available near it. Once the washing is done, hang the sheets in the 2nd bedroom.
  • Please take the trash out before leaving.
  • Please switch off all heaters and switch off the water.